Events Calendar from 21 October to 5 November

Oct 21

  • Performances

    Performances by:
    Tazeen Qayuum (‘Unvoiced’ – Drawing Performance)
    Irfan Hasan (‘Self-Portrait- Live Painting Projection)
    Amy Elizabeth Kingsmill (‘Fairytale- Drawing Blood In A Vase Of White Roses)
    Kanwal Tariq (Plastic Bag Bodies)
    Mirchi (Brushing Teeth)
    Sheema Kirmani (Being Sheema)
    Momin Zafar (Twister)
    Batool Zehra (Wooden Bench/ Ashes)
    Hurmut & Rabbya (Cutting Onions)
    Bankleer (Meteorite Performance)
    Rumana Husain (Head Covers)
    Stephen Sheehan (Playing Darts)
    Manizhe Ali (Writing Memories)
    Zayed Awan (Toilet Boy)
    Fayez Agariah (Suitcase Man)
    Rehan Bashir (Abstract Movement/Dance)
    Thomas C. Chung (Adam Handing Out Knitted Candy)

    5:00pm to 8:00pm

    NJV School

Oct 22

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*Alliance Francaise is closed on Sundays

**Screening times at Capri Cinema:
Monday​ ​Oct.​ ​23 12.30pm-1.30pm - Screening of Althea Thauberger’s project
Thursday,​ ​Nov.​ ​2 12.30pm-1.30pm - Screening of Althea Thauberger’s project