The Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture Gallery (IVS)

IVS Gallery is a non-profit space that exhibits the work of both established and emerging artists. It is located in the right wing of the Nusserwanjee Building and is made up of two atriums that serve as a multi-purpose space to host a variety of exhibitions, book launches, and artistic events, as well as lecture series and other discursive projects. The gallery strives to achieve its educational purpose by serving as reference point for students by exposing them to the possibilities of traditional and contemporary art practices. The Karachi Biennale’s ‘Incidental Sculpture’ project also inhabits the campus of IVS, osmotically drawing attention to three-dimensional artwork, which, by nature of its incidental installation throughout the campus, interacts with the fabric of the site, simultaneously combining art and architecture in a symbiotic relationship.

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Participating Artists: