​Founded in 2001, Vasl Artists' Association is a not for profit contemporary arts organization, based in Karachi, Pakistan. Vasl is dedicated to providing collaborative opportunities for international and nationwide artists through residencies, talks, exhibitions, publications, community art projects, research opportunities and educational outreach programs for diverse audiences. 

For the 2017 Karachi Biennale, Vasl created an opportunity for a 5-week residency in which an open call was sent aiming at international artists creating work in Karachi in relation to the biennale theme 'Witness'. Vasl and the KB Curatorial team were pleased to select Birkenhead based artist Stephen Sheehan whose work vacillates between film and performance. Sheehan travelled around to all corners of the city capturing it through his camera, reflecting on the strange but normative nuances of Karachi. His film for the biennale titled 'I arrived at the circus at two minutes past eight' took reference from the Cambrian explosion which is a phenomenon that allowed life to flourish in living organisms around 500 million years ago. Sheehan was assisted in the making of his film with Vasl's team and the students from the Department of Fine Art at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. As part of the residency for KB17, he also gave a performative talk at the Vasl premises on his previous works created in Ukraine.
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