The artist duo bankleer (Karin Kasböck & Christoph Leitner) are working in Berlin since 1999. They use an exceptionally wide range of media and formats and the employment of different formal languages. The spectrum of their activities extends from performances in public space and video installations, through sculptures and drawings, to editorial and curatorial projects.
Almost all their works share an immediate reference to political and social developments, addressing current issues from a perspective defined by bankleer's anti-capitalist views and their critique of economic structures​.
The Goethe-Institut in collaboration with Vasl Artists` Collective supports their art project on invitation by the Karachi Biennale: <the think>, an installation of a huge object as from outer space:

<From the growl of the Milky Way a meteorite falls on the ground. A fragment from an unknown space in which we are clueless poking – crashes into the urban space of Karachi. It is the arrival of something strange that comes  from a placelessness, bodylessness and impartiality. From a space in which no opinion prevails and which exceeds our imagination. A nothing that makes us all indiscriminately to strangers.> With music and sound by Patric Catani.
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