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Amy Kingsmill

Born in 1991 in London (UK)
Lives and works in London (UK)

Amy Kingsmill is a London-based performance artist producing both pain-based ritualistic performance and strongly visual works which present costume as an installation on the body. She creates her own mythology through performance, drawing upon her own internal cast of characters or using performance to push her body through self-designed rituals. Since graduating from Central Saint Martin's in 2013 she has performed at Spill Festival of Performance (2014), Franko B's Untouchables, and recently presented a collaborative work, Tender Blood, with Sheree Rose.

Of her performance on view for KB17 Amy Kingsmill writes: “Fairytale draws upon the romanticisation of relationships, how we can write our own fairytales within them and the reality of these fables maybe purely based on your own dedication to this narrative. I reflect upon what we can sacrifice for our relationships to sustain them or the fantasy of them and the dependency resultant from this. The flowers after the performance will be kept on display on a plinth.”

Fairytale, 2017.
20 min.